This & That

1. Many thanks, Paul Da

2. Flowers from my dad's garden (Part 1)

3. My Theme Party!

4. "Smart Phones, Dumb People?"

5. The Long Road Home...

6. My Dream Trip

7. Leeches!!

8. A Mist-terious Affair to Cherish

9. Happy Durga Puja (2013)

10. Ma and the Monkey

11. Happy Lakshmi Puja!

12. That fateful summer night...

13. Memories of life in Manas (Part 1)

14. Memories of life in Manas (Part 2)

15. My Tips for Smart Suraksha

16. Traditional Knowledge, Natural Growth 

17. Going off the beaten track in Kuala Lumpur

18. The Wonder Years...

19. Some ruminations enroute Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

20. Magh Bihu reminisces...

21. The Village of Storytellers

22. Our Taj Mahal...

23. Two cameras, a few kids and a little hope

24. The sunshine smile...

25. The Bethrothal

26. Awaiting an Adventure...

27. In the quest of hidden treasures in Malaysia

28. My most memorable memento

29. The library of my dreams

30. Two women...

31. A letter to my son...

32. My role model

33. On an Omani food trail...

34. Unraveling the secrets of the Omani mountains

35. A faceless Mardaani

36.  Darwin in my dreams

37. The forbidden meal

38. My Sunday Lunch...

39. A rainy day in Chikmagalur

40. Black desire

41. Book review: Private India

42. The Man in White

43. The farmhouse at Sainik Farms

44. Book review: God is a Gamer

45. A hope for a new generation

46. My magical time travel machine

47. Social media in my world

48. Takeaway level: Singapore

49. A house full of pets...

50. Book review: Capturing Wildlife Moments in India by Ashok Mahindra

51. Book review: Ramayana The Game of Life - Shattered Dreams

52. To Ma, with love

53. The Anniversary Gifts

54. An Assamese meal at Delicacy, Bangalore

55. A World to Behold - our Wildlife

56. The Long Chase...


  1. Finished reading your 'This and that' section too!! Now to attack your travel section(some of which I've alread read from your links in INW)!!

    Great work and keep blogging!!

    1. You really read all that? Must have driven you crazy hahah!


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