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Food Chronicles of my Assam visit

And so my holidays are over and I am back. I can’t believe how those two weeks ended; everything seems to have moved super fast. All I have right now are my memories, some of them photographed. Before I turn sentimental and weepy, let me share with you some of the food I had while in Assam. These are just a fragment of the food I gorged on during those two weeks. It was food, food and more food all the way, especially since we were visiting Assam during Bhogali Bihu, our harvest festival. I am sure we must have put on at least 10 kgs on this visit alone! But I don’t mind the weight considering the fact that we won’t be able to taste those dishes again for a long time, till our next visit. And now here comes a photo-chronicle of my food journey in Assam!
The Bihu Thali
Let’s start with what my eldest jethai (aunt) prepared for us on the morning of Bhogali Bihu.

On the plate: xandoh (ground roasted rice of the sticky variety), sira (flattened rice), akhoi (puffed rice), gur (jaggery) and d…