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Fish in Lemon Mustard Sauce....and err..Honey, too!


Spaghetti in White Sauce and Curried Sausages

This is actually a recipe which failed partially due to my wrong measurements. I have never been the one to go for exact measurements; I usually eyeball them as per the number of people I am cooking for. This is the major reason behind my unwillingness to bake cakes and similar recipes that require strict adherence to ratios and proportions.That’s how lazy I can get.

Then again, the pasta did not fail altogether in the ‘taste test’ and so I thought of sharing the recipe with you. I had got some delicious spicy chicken sausages (it was written ‘curried sausages’ on the packet) and had secret plans of enjoying them alone while watching my favourite serials on Star World. That’s how selfish I can get, you see. But the plan did not work out. The husband opened the fridge one Saturday morning and pulled out the packet which I had surreptitiously stashed away in a corner. 

“Hey, we have sausages!” The guy announced loudly and happily. “Let’s have them for breakfast.”

Yeah, sure, why not. *face…

Birding at Deepor Beel