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Birding along the Zuari, Goa

I have been away for a long, long time from blogosphere now. Maybe the longest time ever since I started my blog. For the first time I have not been able to balance my work life, home and blogging, all thanks to someone’s terrible planning at office. Before I turn this into a rant-post, I should also tell you that despite all the unearthly hours of office work that I am putting in, I have been travelling a lot and gone birding to my heart’s content. I have been using every spare minute to recharge myself with things that I love, or the stress would have busted me for sure. 

And so, even though my work schedule is still pretty tight, I am taking a breather and refreshing my memories about my second back-to-back Goa visit – this time for Christmas. (The earlier one was in Diwali.)

The last time we were in Goa, we did not have a proper notion about the region’s rich birdlife – where to go, what to expect, et al. This time, we were a bit prepared, though the visit was not strictly for birdi…