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Spicy Coorgi Pork Curry or Pandi Curry


My KFC-style Fried Chicken

Day 2 and the last evening at my sister’s place, home-sitting for her, along with my parents. What do I cook today? I was too tired after a hard day at work and did not feel like cooking anything elaborate. Besides, the parents have turned really sparse eaters and preferred light food.
I decided to carry out my previous evening’s plan of making my sis’s crumb-fried whole chicken legs. This time I went to the shop and thankfully, the chicken legs were available this time around. I thought I had the rest of the ingredients at home and happily came back from the market.
If there is any moral to be learnt, it is this – never make any assumptions. There was no egg at home, required for the dish. Nor was there any bread to make breadcrumbs, but that could be taken care of. I usually fall back on Marie biscuits to do the trick.
So, in the absence of these two ingredients, I decided to play around with the recipe a bit. If it turned out right, I will call it my version of KFC-style fried chicke…

Chicken Wings in Hot Garlic Sauce