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My role model

Decades ago, a young man decided to carve out his own destiny by moving out of the remote village in Assam that he was born in. Even in his childhood, he knew he would not limit himself to that small patch of the world. And he was prepared to go the long and rough way to make it happen.

And he did. 

Later, his mother would tell me how as a child he would light an oil lamp and study throughout the night as the whole village lay in slumber. He would carry his books while out in the fields to graze cattle and read them in the blazing sun while his friends played kabaddi and football nearby. He would wade through miles of slush during heavy monsoons to attend school in the adjacent town. 

“Your father has always been a sincere and committed person,” my (late) grandmother would say, recalling her son’s childhood.  

These words have been used repeatedly to describe my father by people who know him. Particularly by the person who has lived and known him the longest – my mother. She would sti…

Food fiesta in Kolkata

Kolkata has always been one of my favourite cities. I love the fact that it is a city of foodies, as passionate about their cuisine as they are about their litterateurs and heritage. It is a place I would never mind going back again, if only the heat and humidity were not so killing!

A cornucopia of sounds and smells overwhelm me as I try to recall Kolkata. The clash and bang of ladles against woks, stirring up noodles, by the side of the street. The sizzle of caramelized onions and chicken on the griddle, the parathas and sauces, waiting in anticipation for a roll to be made. The enticing aroma of the Kolkata biryani, a far cry from its Hyderabadi counterpart, separated by the ubiquitous potato. The earthen tea cups, lying in attendance while a fierce adda or debate is going on regarding the economic situation of the state. If not the economy, then perhaps football, or KKR?

I had been a regular visitor to Kolkata, thanks to my job, and I remember many a happy evening spent appreciat…

A trip to BR Hills & K Gudi Wilderness Camp - The spring/summer edition

We had visited BR Hills previously in 2013, during the monsoons. The beauty of the place had captivated us so much that we could not wait to pack our bags to make the trip again. This time, the husband decided to surprise me. He had quietly booked two nights at K Gudi Wilderness Camp, run by Jungle Lodges & Resorts. Did I tell you that one of my favourite pastimes is to read trip reports on jungles all across the country? That is how I had come upon K Gudi Wilderness Camp and had read rave reviews about its location. I had seen the camp from afar when I had gone to K Gudi the last time for the forest department’s jeep safari. Perhaps the husband had seen the look of longing in my eyes then…

So, on a very happy note, the three of us (husband, little brat and I) woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 4.30 am and was off to BR Hills at 5.30 am on a warm April morning. It was a long weekend owing to Easter Friday and I prayed with all my heart that we beat the rush of holiday makers…