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Crispy Chicken Wings in Air Fryer

Helloooo there! I am in such a chirpy mood today, can you tell? All because I could really relax during the long Independence Day weekend.

For a change, we did not travel out of Bangalore anywhere, this time. The husband was busy holding a charity event in our building complex on occasion of Independence Day and it almost felt as if there was a wedding in the family! 

So, while he kept on running around, I put up my feet comfortably at home and stirred up some lazy, easy-peasy dishes. One of my favourite ‘go-to’ lazy dishes is grilled honey-drizzled chicken wings. Now that I have the air fryer and find it more easy to use and it is non-messy, I decided to make a batch of chicken wings. It turned out superbly crisped and glazed.

Here’s how I made the chicken wings:

Crispy chicken wings in air fryer


1 kg chicken wings, washed and pat dry

For the marinade:

2 tablespoons each of soya sauce, Worcestershire sauce, tomato sauce and vinegar

1 tablespoon crushed garlic

1 teaspoon pepper, or…

The Long Chase...

“…and then a low growl was heard in the bushes. Our vehicle crept a bit closer and suddenly who should leap out of it but a monstrous tiger!”
I made the action of a leaping tiger, my hands raised above my head menacingly, as my son squealed in delight.
“And then?” he asked, his big doe eyes looking at me expectantly.
“And then? The beast began charging at us, roaring with all its might. The driver reversed the jeep as fast as he could. Our hearts were frozen with fright but we kept on clicking away our camera. It was the experience of a lifetime, after all. Finally, after chasing us for almost a kilometer, the tiger gave up and disappeared amidst the shrubbery.”
“And then?” the little boy was relentless with his query.
“And then, we came back to the resort,” I said with a sigh. “Story over. Go to sleep, now.”
As I tucked him into the blanket, the husband who was pretending to be asleep for fear of being made to tell a story, gave me a wry look and snorted “You could have very well told him …