And finally after almost three years of starting this blog, I have decided to create the ‘About me’ page. I am, after all, the queen of procrastination. The crown belongs to me alone!

I have always loved to write, and read for good measure, for as long as I remember. Yet I enrolled myself in commerce and graduated with honours in accountancy. Don’t ask me why. The fact that I went on to do my MBA, this time with marketing as specialization instead of finance, did not help the writer in me much. 

As a kid, I travelled a lot with my parents and did write a few travelogues which got published in the children's section in Assam Tribune. But that required a lot of coaxing and encouragement from my cousin and my mom

At present, by day I am a real estate research consultant, churning out reports on demand and supply of various asset classes. By night, I turn into a top secret blogging agent! I started this blog anonymously one winter night in 2012, when all were asleep. Later, I gave in to my husband’s nudges and revealed my name. Somehow, the world did not shudder and collapse at such a great revelation.

I write on things that I love, mostly food and travel, and also a lot of personal stuff, particularly about my father and about my childhood days in Manas Wildlife Sanctuary. In the past I have stayed in places like Guwahati (my hometown), Dehradun, Delhi, Mumbai and finally rested my itchy feet at Bangalore. My writings, hence, have premises in one or the other of these cities.

I would have never gained confidence to start this blog but for the persistent cajoling of one person – my husband. We had a dot com wedding with a very short courtship period but somehow I met the person who understood my love for nature, birding, wildlife, movies, photography, food and travel. He is the person behind 90% of the photographs in my blog and the masthead designer. 

In due course, I registered my blog with a few blogging platforms and participated in some contests which appealed to me. I won a few small and ……. well, a few big ones. (See my Recognitions page)

In the style of pop culture, here are 11 things you should know about me, in case we ever meet in real life:

1. I am extremely shy and introverted by nature. Many a times this has been mistaken as arrogance or plain unfriendliness. Perhaps that’s why I am more comfortable with the written medium. No surprise then when I tell you that I hate to be in the limelight.

2. I have a very sharp memory and I never forget people, places or things (for most part). It is another matter that I rarely keep in touch or interact with my acquaintances. (Refer to point 1 above)

3. I am both a cat lady and dog lady – I love them both.

4. I had once scored 10/10 for drawing the map of India free-hand in school. I had only practiced once before drawing the map for the school test. I am still proud of that little event.

5. I click with some people in one instant and none with others, although both groups may have the same qualities. The ones I click with will never believe that I am an introvert.

6. I have never ridden or driven anything with wheels and I don’t intend to in future. But I am an awesome navigator and I am good at remembering roads. Ask the husband.

7. I can’t read motivational books for my life. I also can’t read mushy stuff and books like the Twilight series. But, I just love Harry Potter.

8. I am pretty unexpressive. People can’t make out whether I am happy or sad. Particularly if I am happy. 

9. I don’t cry easily but anything about kids and animals will tear me up in a second.

10. I have a morbid fascination for ghosts, horror stories and the paranormal. I wonder, though, where all that bravado will go if I actually come face to face with a ghost.

11. I am also deeply attracted towards trees and winding roads and most often find myself clicking them unrestrained. I had a folder full of wonderful trees, photographed over a span of around 9 years, which I lost. I still feel their loss.

So, this is who I am, in parts. I hope you will enjoy my writings and, in turn, I hope I shall be able to continue writing. Do come back. Or, do stay over. *grin*

PS: In case you want to get in touch with me, please write to me at myworldfoodtravel@gmail.com.

My facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/My-World-of-Food-and-Travel/184963505005190?fref=ts&ref=br_tf

Twitter handle (hardly used): @sangeetash

Instagram ID: sangeetash2015


  1. Haha...nice to see so much realization that you've named yourself Queen of Procrastination. :-)

  2. Sangeeta, this is one of the best About pages I have ever read. I myself have incline for anything paranormal and I am not in mood ever to steer the wheel too. It was great to read your blog. I just wanted to point one thing hope you wont mind. Manas is a national park, not wildlife sanctuary. I have a weekness for that place and it enlightens my mood to read that people love it equally.

    Phew! That's a looonng comment.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my page, Puspanjalee. Glad that we have things in common :) Oh and about Manas, we used to call it a wildlife sanctuary when we stayed there more than 25 years back, so the habit stayed with me I guess. You have a very interesting blog and I just subscribed to it. Keep writing!


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