Happy Durga Puja (2013)!

How heartless and artless of me to wish everyone a happy Durga Puja on the day it is coming to an end. But then, I was busy soaking in the festivities the last few days and hardly had time to log in and wish everyone. The husband, meanwhile, had gone on an emotional trip down the lane while remembering his Durga Puja days in his hometown. Yet he managed to click these pictures when we went kind of pandal-hopping in Bangalore. Unfortunately, we forgot to carry our camera on the day we visited the pandals in Indiranagar and Koramagala. We also missed clicking pictures of that amazing dinner we had at Bangaliana. Too bad you can't see them etched on our minds.

Here are a few images of Durga Devi in all her splendor:

Durga Puja at Banaswadi

First ever held Durga Puja by Assam Society 

Durga Puja by Bengalee Association at RBNAMS Ground

Let's all wish for a fantastic year ahead and I am sure Goddess Durga will grant us that simple wish!


  1. I couldn't visit the Banaswadi pandal.
    Lovely captures!

  2. Thanks! Banaswadi one is not too well known, I think. But we had nice bhog there. And by the way, congratulations to you on Rorrel's babies :)

  3. Even I went to the Assam Society Durga Puja and They did a pretty good job indeed.. :)

    1. Yeah, true, I also enjoyed the puja a lot there!

  4. Wow!! I never knew in Bangalore also Pandals are there...will visit next time

    1. Bangalore has several pandals, do visit next time :)


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