My Sis's Cheese and Semolina Cake

I have never been the baking sort. Baking as in cakes and breads and muffins and other stuff barring meat and fish. Those I love. Baking meat and fish, that is. Maybe my lack of sweet tooth is responsible behind my apathy towards baking cakes. And my inability towards following recipes to the T. Baking for me brings forth a scary picture of carefully measuring out things in ‘mils’ and ‘oz’ and ‘grams’, while I am only capable of ‘spooning’ my ingredients or describing them at best in ‘a small bunch’ and ‘a pinch’. No sire, I no bake. And thus, my recipe list will forever languish in the absence of even a single cake.

Or maybe not. When my sis sent me a photo of the cake she baked this morning, I decided to up my game and use it on my blog. So clever, I am. She tells me it was really scrumptious and it actually does look like that. It is kind of sad that now she has to mail me whatever she makes. Earlier, I could just run to her house and sample her cooking. Now, I can’t run to the US. Sigh.

Anyways, let’s not go to the sentimental part. I had asked her the recipe for the cake and she sent it to me in just. Two. Whole. Lines. Wow, now that’s an easy recipe. Here it is:

Cheese and Semolina Cake


1 cup (15oz) ricotta cheese (if not available, see the note at the end)
¼ cup semolina (sooji)
½ cup sugar
A handful of raisins and assorted nuts (optional)


Combine all the ingredients together to form a thick batter. Brush a baking tray/tin with a little butter and pour the cake batter into it. Now, bake it in a pre-heated oven at 450 F for 30 minutes. The edges should be browned by that time. Serve hot.

That’s it. It does seem really, really easy. Hey, maybe I can make this, too! I think this will make a perfect accompaniment to our evening tea. What do you say?

Note: To substitute ricotta cheese, you can whiz fresh paneer (preferably home-made) with heavy cream in equal ratio in a mixie. Add salt to taste to the mixture, and your ricotta cheese substitute is ready!

PS: Previously I had made sis's Easy Peasy Crumb Fried Chicken.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Indrani, but first I will have to make it haha!

  2. Great! I have tried it in the microwave. I guess result will be better in oven! :)

    1. And I still haven't tried it...will keep it for the weekend, I think..

  3. Can I say 'same pinch'? :) My younger sis does all the baking...the cakes you know! Somehow I am not made for the exact measurement type cooking ;)!
    This looks so easy and so delicious...I will definitely try!

    1. Aditi, we elder sisters are above this moh-maya of exact measurements....


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