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Birding in Madhurekere Lake, Bangalore

Well then, time to shake off the lethargy and burrow my way out of this hole I had dug for myself. I have hibernated enough, I reckon. Time to rise and shine, my dear! But then, don’t be fooled. While I was resting my blogging fingers in my self-imposed hiatus, I was actually running around chasing birds and wildlife, right from the coasts of Udupi to the hills of North-East India. I have been traipsing around breathtakingly beautiful locales, trudging up wild trails and sloshing through muddy tracks in search of elusive species. Such adventure, I tell you. *Deep breath* So, where do I start from? Let’s start from somewhere close - my backyard in Bangalore. When I say backyard, I don’t exactly mean my backyard (I live in a bee-hive apartment, sadly) but a place that is around 20 kms away from my home. But, just because I live in North Bangalore and the place I am talking about is in the same zone, I have a soft corner and I feel very neighbourly towards it. Madhurekere, it is then. The h…